Derma Blanc Korea

The main focus of the Derma Blanc Korea product is to help people who are suffering from derma melasma and dark pigmentation condition which is caused by sunlight.

Derma Blanc Korea makes use of GSH-Reduced Glutathione combined with other effective and major ingredients for getting the best result.

Derma Blanc special slow dissolving coating technology further enhances its absorption into the blood stream.

The function of glutathione in Derma Blanc formulation is enhanced by 3 main precursors of glutathione which include L-cysteine, Glutamic Acid and Glycine.

It's essential to maintain the level of glutathione in the body to get the maximum effect.

In the skin, the enzyme glutathione reductase (GR) is responsible for producing GSH.

Africans tend to have lower levels of GSH and GR.

GHS (Reduced glutathione) inhibits tyrosinase. Tyrosinase synthesis is one of the major pathways that produce eumelanin which is a type of melanin that is responsible for producing the black and brown color of skin and hair. There is also another group of melanin which is known as pheomelanin. It contributes blond/red hair and white skin. This pheomelanin is produced from Glutathione and cysteine.

Derma Blanc formulation is designed to prevent the tyrosinase synthesis and promotes pheomelanin production resulting in the whitening of skin complexion. The slow dissolving technology that is used in Derma Blanc helps to enhance and improve the effectiveness of the outcome by preventing the glutathione from breaking its chain in the stomach.

Also, Derma Blanc Korea formulation contains tranexamic acids which inhibit the production of plasmin. This effectively reduces the keratinocyte pool of arachidonic acid in the body, which is used for UV-induced melanogenesis. Simply put, tranexamic acids have a whitening effect on the skin. They are also used to treat melasma, a condition which causes patches of color to appear on one’s skin. Therefore, Tranexamic acids help to ensure a smooth and even complexion.

These elements, when combined together will form a trio of active ingredients that effectively reduce the pigment in your skin and encourage a radiant, bright white complexion.